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Notes.Ini Setting Roaming Workspace

Detlev Poettgen  November 23 2009 06:51:54 PM
Mit 8.5.1 unterstütz der Client ja, wie in meinen DNUG Vortrag dnug-2009-11-17-New-Features-8-5-1.pdf erläutert, die Funktionalität die altbekannte Kacheloberfläche zwischen zwei PC's roamen zu lassen.

Mit dem Roaming Workspace wurden zwei neue notes.ini (Workspace_Roaming_Status & Workspace_In_Bookmarks) Einstellungen eingeführt, welche die Migration des Workspace kontrollieren:

For users who are newly enabled to roam, a Notes 8.5.1 client restart and successful replication is all that's needed to configure workspace roaming. Through these steps, the workspace data is migrated to bookmark.nsf and then replicated to the roaming server.

Existing roaming users who are upgrading from a previous version of Notes to Notes 8.5.1 need to respond to a prompt. The prompt displays while launching the Notes 8.5.1 client and asks the user whether to designate the current system as the primary workspace. It is the primary workspace that is migrated to the bookmark.nsf database and thereby configured to roam.

To confirm that workspace roaming is in place for a given user:

Open the notes.ini for each Notes 8.5.1 client to confirm the following lines are in place:
       •        WORKSPACE_IN_BOOKMARKS=1

If the migration of a user's Workspace to the bookmark.nsf database were to be interrupted (and therefore fail to complete), you could see one of the following entries in the Notes.ini file:


A status of 1 indicates a lock is in place to prevent the migration from happening on other clients. A status of 2 indicates the locking has been turned off because the migration is nearly complete. The status of 4 indications the migration is fully complete. At this time, there is no status represented by the number 3.

The migration status is also represented in profile information that is written to bookmark.nsf and replicated to the roaming server and other clients. This is the way that other clients are informed of the migration status.

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