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Does Traveler support ActiveSync on Android?

 31 Oktober 2013 17:18:12
Today I was asked three times, if Traveler 9.0.1 will now support ActiveSync on Android.
They had been told by another consultant a few days ago, that IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.1 will support ActiveSync on Android.

The answer was and is no!

There is an IBM Technote out there, which was updated today:


Does Traveler support the Active Sync Protocol on Android devices?


No, Active Sync is not support on Android devices, the Notes Traveler Client must be used.

Traveler implements a subset of the Active Sync protocol, to be used with Apple and Windows devices.
Android could be using a part of the protocol that is not implemented in Traveler and as such cannot be supported at this time.

So please, don't even think about it.

1Stephan H. Wissel  03.11.2013 16:20:14  Does Traveler support ActiveSync on Android?

"is supported" and "could you get it to work" are 2 complete different scenarios. If an Android ActiveSync client was modeled after the iShiny experience it most likely will work - just neither tell IBM nor expect help on hickups

2Daniel Nashed  05.11.2013 14:05:05  Does Traveler support ActiveSync on Android?

I would also recommend to only use supported devices. IBM support for Traveler is great and in case you are running into sync issues you should enable tracing and open a PMR... If you use unsupported devices you cannot call support or even risk that those devices block other syncs.

Also supporting the same Traveler client on different Android versions and flavours is one thing. Supporting many different device types and clients might be a lot of effort for your support team.

Now that MobileIron works close with IBM for supporting Android and iOS devices there is also no need to user the Touchdown client ...

3Detlev Poettgen  07.11.2013 18:43:34  Does Traveler support ActiveSync on Android?

Stephan, there are so many restrictions like missing ToDo, Data Loss Prevention, Encryption and Out of Office support, which the IBM Traveler App provides, that will not work at the moment and in near future using ActiveSync on Android.

And users want to use this. So using ActiveSync on Android will be a dead end.

And I talked during Connect with the Traveler Dev Team. "is not supported" means not supported as Daniel mentioned. There are some open issues with repeating calendar events for example if you use other ActiveSync clients then the native iOS, Blackberry or Windows Phone clients.

Because what will you tell your CIO, when some of his cal-events are missing on his Android ActiveSync Device?

Open a PMR? That will not work in that use case.

So I would be carefull of riding this horse.

4Imed Hachicha  12.08.2014 10:35:33  Does Traveler support ActiveSync on Android?

I have removed Traveler from my Galaxy S5 and configured my domino mail using ActiveSync. It works very well.

All Options from "contacts" to "Absence" work well

5Detlev Poettgen  12.08.2014 19:32:22  Does Traveler support ActiveSync on Android?

It may work, but it is still not supported.

There are known issues regarding special calendar entries for example.

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