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IBM Traveler available

 15 November 2016 20:40:22
Today IBM released a new Traveler version called (Build: 201611100013_20).

Image:IBM Traveler available brings this new feature:

Device Wipe options do not display in the Web Administration application for iOS 10.x devices

Apple has removed support for device wipes of iOS 10.x devices when using the built in applications for Mail, Calendar and Contacts. The Traveler data wipe option still works as before.

IBM Traveler verifies that IBM Traveler servers are in the trusted server list for all users' mail servers.

If the IBM Traveler server is not in the trusted servers list, the status code will be Yellow for the Traveler server until all of the mail servers have been updated. This check is being deployed in preparation for improved IBM Traveler security and feature enhancements in future releases.

Corrective action:
You need to add the {TravelerServerName} to the "Trusted Servers" list on the Security tab in the {MailServerName} server document.

Database constraints for improving data integrity for end users

In effort to provide improved end user experience some additional data constraints have been added to the relational database used by the IBM Traveler servers. These constraints are intended to prevent the intermittent issues sometimes seen with end users missing a particular entry or folder on their mobile device that is often resolved by performing a device reset. There is no functional change, but a schema change is required.

New 'tablerepair' tell command

In support of the improved data integrity update, a tell command has been added to facilitate repairing any users that may already have data that violates the new constraints. This is not expected to be common. During startup of the Traveler server, if you encounter errors related to inability to add database constraints then review the tell command reference for the tablerepair command for information on how to perform the table repair. Note that this is optional, there is no functional impact over previous releases if the new constraints are not added to the database.

APAR # Abstract
LO90097 Invitation disappears from native iOS Calendar Inbox before action can be taken.
LO90143 Apple native mail application may be missing some e-mails when concurrently syncing different folders.
LO90162 Possible memory growth when prime syncing Calendar events.
LO90183 IBM Verse client may stop syncing after size mismatch error trying to retrieve truncated mail.
LO90194 Device may require re-approval due to out of date cache after running some tell commands.
LO90224 Meeting may continue to be ghosted on mobile device after the meeting was delegated to another user.
LO90234 Canceled event may still appear ghosted on mobile device.
LO90303 Unable to change a tentative response to accepted response from a mobile device.
LO90368 Add ability to perform case insensitive name look p duplicate resolution to reduce duplicate results sent to mobile device.
LO90390 Severe errors seen in Domino console for file size mismatch when stream attachments.
LO90401 Reduce overhead when syncing contacts for improved server performance.
LO90406 Response text in remote tell command may get corrupted if includes DBCS or special characters.
LO90442 SQL connection warning could prevent automatic schema update from completing.
LO90443 Remove option to perform device wipe for iOS 10.x devices as it is no longer supported by the device.
LO90482 High thread counts due to Heartbeat processing could cause resource constraint.
LO90497 Changing NTS_AUTO_SCHEMA parameter when using DB2 may inadvertently change the schema name.
LO90578 Subfolder of a private folder may not sync to mobile device correctly.
LO90589 New apple feature, Propose new time, should not be displayed when using IBM Traveler.
LO90597 Resource information could be lost when the chair modifies an event from a mobile device.
LO90605 Device may stop syncing when an Domino reports an e-mail is in a folder with an empty string for the folder name.
LO90624 Return receipt generated by IBM Traveler may get corrupted when sent via SMTP to the originator.
LO90704 GCM library does not support NTLM proxy authentication when it should.
LO90764 E-mail sent from mobile device incorrectly saved in sent folder when a mail rule prevents sending the mail.
LO90765 Allow ability to ban all instances of a calendar event, including updates, from syncing to a mobile device if the event causes a server crash.

Note: IBM Traveler include a database schema update.

You can download the update as usual on IBM FixCentral.

An IBM Traveler full installation package, which will be available by November 22, 2016 on Passport Advantage, can be used to upgrade any previous Traveler server or to install a new environment.

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