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Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

Detlev Poettgen  Dezember 14 2018 08:22:28 AM
Over the last 3 to 4 weeks I have been contacted by some larger Traveler customers with distributed locations and reported on Traveler synchronization problems.

Some iOS devices are affected with all these customers. But not all devices, but usually users whose Domino mail servers are operated a little further away from the Traveler server.

The problem becomes so noticeable that the mail synchronization with the native Apple Mail App suddenly stops at the device and either no new mails are displayed in the inbox or the mail body cannot be loaded.

After various checks and traces on Traveler, Domino and network side it looks as if the cause is in iOS 12.1.
Yesterday Apple confirmed to one of our customers that the problem is known and they are working on a fix which will probably be released with iOS 12.1.2.

Here is the Apple Statement:

We have released iOS 12.1.2 beta 1, which contains a fix for the issue where Mail messages are slow to load, show "Loading" and a spinning gear. At this time, we are requesting customers to download the beta software from our Apple developer site, to ensure the behavior has been resolved. If the problem triggers on devices running this Beta please collect the sysdiagnose logs and send them as soon as possible.

If you need further information, please contact me.

Update 18.12.2018:

Looks like the fix did not made it into iOS 12.1.2 GA.

A fix is now mentioned in the new iOS 12.1.3 Beta Resolved Issues list.


1Pavel Zheltobryukhov  12/14/2018 11:29:35 AM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

Does iOS 12.1.1 affected too?

2Detlev Poettgen  12/14/2018 12:20:28 PM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

Hi Pavel,

yes, iOS 12.1.1 has the issue, too.

Apple will try to fix it with the upcoming 12.1.2.

3Jay Marme  12/18/2018 12:55:06 AM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

I am wondering why the fix for the native iOS mail app was not listed in the release notes with iOS 12.1.2?

4Detlev Poettgen  12/18/2018 12:06:38 PM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

Looks like the fix did not made it into iOS 12.1.2 GA.

A fix is now mentioned in the new iOS 12.1.3 Beta.

5Daniel   12/18/2018 1:11:34 PM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

The error is in Traveler 9 or 10?

6Daniel   12/18/2018 1:11:34 PM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

The error is in Traveler 9 or 10?

7Jay Marme  12/18/2018 2:34:06 PM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

From what I was told by Apple Enterprise support last week, the fix is not in the current beta but will be in an upcoming beta.

Daniel, the error is seen in both Traveler 9 and 10. Apple Enterprise support says that it affects multiple emails systems that use the native iOS mail app.

8Detlev Poettgen  12/18/2018 2:42:01 PM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

Thx for your answer Jay,

I received the same information. Apple moved it to the next iOS 12.1.3 Beta.

And both Traveler and 10.0 Traveler enviroments are having issues, when the Mail server is not located near to the Traveler server.

9Henning  12/20/2018 12:37:05 PM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1


Is there something written to logs so that I can find it for example via Splunk?



10Detlev Poettgen  12/20/2018 2:09:46 PM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

No, it will not show up in the Traveler logs

11Phyllis   01/15/2019 2:53:19 AM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

Hi. Are there any update from Apple on this problem?

12Phyllis   01/15/2019 3:01:22 AM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

I am suffering similar problems in my company, is it possible to share more update from Apple?

Is it true that iOS 12.1.3 is planning to fix this issue?

How can I reach the Apple statement u mentioned above?

13Sam  01/22/2019 9:35:11 PM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

The iOS Update is there! The Fix is included?

Thanks for Update your Blog!

14Thimo  01/23/2019 1:15:46 PM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

In my case, the bug is still present after updating to 12.1.3.

Can anyone say otherwise?

15Detlev Poettgen  01/24/2019 12:59:37 PM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

The latest inofficial information from Apple is that the fix is included in 12.1.3.

So it should be fixed.

16Torsten Link  01/29/2019 5:38:08 AM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

For one of our customers 12.1.3 unfortunately does NOT fix the issue. Do you have any news on this issue?

17Malte Steder  01/29/2019 7:25:49 AM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

12.1.3 has so far solved the issue for our affected sites.

18Andrew T.  01/30/2019 12:05:04 AM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

My environment has experienced the exact same issues as well - and a few users whom have 12.1.3 has observed improved behaviour.

Would any one have any "official" iOS release notes or logs from Apple regarding this "issue" - either on beta releases or public releases?

19Dani L.  02/01/2019 8:31:47 PM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

One customer has exact the same issue, but with the Verse App only. (Because of security concerns and a lot of encrypted E-Mail they have a policy to use mobile E-Mails with the Verse App only)

How ever, after building a list with all power users and the iOS version, I can see: Some user never have any problems and some have always problems, at least once a week they're complaining.

Looking at the Traveler log on the Domino. Yes at the users with problems the synchronization stops suddenly. (E.g. at 6.a.m)

As far as I know, those problems began with the iOS 12.

To be clarify again: Push message, calendar check, address lookups are working well. Just the mailbox synchronization stops randomly and can only be fixed by a reinstalling of the Verse App or by a reset of the Traveler profile. Actually, not a good workaround for the management!

Conclusion: I wonder why with the Verse App the same problem is coming up like the native iOS Mail client. From my understanding, the synchronization with iOS is working with Active-Sync ant the Verse app has a particular protocol over https (completely different).

20Detlev Poettgen  02/06/2019 3:43:11 PM  Traveler sync issues with iOS 12.1

The problem should be fixed with iOS 12.1.3.

If you are still having issues, it should have another reason.

Please check this post, too:

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