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Speaking at IBM Connect 2013: Making Traveler High Available Part2

 7 Dezember 2012 16:10:10
Yesterday IBM sent out the notification, who's on the speakers list for IBM Connect 2013 (a.k.a. Lotusphere). I am proud to be the first time ever on that list.

Mitch Cohen, Chris Whisonant, René Winkelmeyer  and I will take a deep dive into Lotus Traveler HA.

Making Traveler Highly Available: Part 1 Traveler Design

So, you have IBM Notes Traveler deployed in your organization.  Deployed quickly, easily and at minimal cost to you.  Of course now  is has become mission critical and that’s your problem but with Upgrade Pack 1, released last year, you can now provide  High Availability.  In this session Mitch Cohen and Chris Whisonant will take a typical traveler environment, upgrade it to UP1, then deploy it in a highly available mode, demonstrating how HA works, how to manage your users and Servers and how to handle outages.

Making Traveler Highly Available: Part 2 Extending and Securing The Network

If you followed Part 1, you now have IBM Notes Traveler running in a highly available mode. But what about the other points of failure? In this session, René and Detlev will show you how to place either IBM Mobile Connect or the IBM Websphere Edge server in front of your Traveler environment. These two IBM products bring different approaches to implementing a highly available environment - once you understand what they do, you'll be able to select the best fit for your business. This session is intended to introduce you to networking concepts and tools that will enable you to design a complete, resilient and highly available Traveler environment for your organization.

Three hours time for building a complete Traveler HA Environment and a lot of stuff to Show'N'Tell!

It will be fun!

This will be my first appearance as speaker at Lotusphere and IBM Connect. I am really looking forward to it! See you in Florida

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