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New Version of Traveler Client for Android available - bringing big changes

 11 Juli 2014 11:20:21
Yesterday IBM released a new version 9.01.1 of the IBM Notes Traveler app for Android. The app is already available in the Google Play Store.

Keep in mind, that at the moment only the new Android client is released. Currently there is no new server release available. The client will work with server releases starting with Traveler

Image:New Version of Traveler Client for Android available - bringing big changes

This release is a  complete redesign of the UI and brings big new features:
  • New gesture driven interface, including: action bar, navigation drawer, persona pictures, revised multi-select, right to left swipe on individual e-mails in inbox, mail response indicator
  • New IBM Notes Traveler Contacts app, including: ability to export Traveler contacts (setting), show local device contacts (setting)
  • IBM Sametime presence and chat integration (dependent on the use of IBM Sametime mobile application)
  • Easy access to IBM Connections profile (dependent on use of IBM Connections mobile application)
  • View other calendars (color coded) within the Traveler calendar views (Show Local Calendar setting)
  • Create Calendar events from e-mail (auto populates subject, description, attendees)
  • Edit e-mail history when replying (Respond Inline)
  • Improved experience for phone users, with no hard menu button (action bar)
  • Improved Status screen with icons to launch Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and ToDo

You can find a more detailed list here

1Ralf M Petter  13.07.2014 19:39:07  New Version of Traveler Client for Android available - bringing big changes

I really like the new Interface of Traveler on Android. The only drawback for me is that the new mail icon in the notification area is to fat and looks ugly.

Thanks for sharing.

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