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Lotus Notes Traveler Fixlist

 März 11 2011 06:46:34 PM
Heute wurde die Fix- & New Feature List für Lotus Notes Traveler (8.5.2 FP2) veröffentlicht. Mit FP2 wird nun   auch Android 3.0 unterstützt.

Das Problem mit den um einen Tag verschobenen Geburtstagen ist behoben und es kann nun für iOS-Geräte per Policy gesteuert werden, ob Mails oder nur Kontakte & Kalendereinträge synchronisiert werden sollen.

Insbesondere für Apple & Android bringt einige wichtige Verbesserungen. Hier die Fixlist:
APAR# Comp. Abstract
LO56804 Server Contact repeatedly syncs from device to server.
LO56831 Server Apple: Attachments with same file name get renamed.
LO56941 Server Apple: Calendar body removed when modified on device.
LO56985 Nokia Middle initial not displayed for corporate look up results.
LO57088 Android Unable to sync over SSL enabled connection.
LO57126 Windows Unable to sync when roaming.
LO57404 Android Unable to sync when default port used in connection.
LO57515 Android Slow performance when deleting multiple email items
LO57516 Server Contact field Messaging ID shows as phone number on device.
LO57707 Android Admin: Wrong passwords before wiping is "Unavailable".
LO57774 Android Hebrew: Subject corrupted on Reply To from device.
LO57820 Server Apple device profile install fails if the user name contains an apostrophe.
LO57846 Server Apple: Use policy to prevent mail from syncing to device.
LO57860 Android Apostrophe in user name causes SQL exception, unable to sync.
LO57864 Server Apple: Unable to sync when ID has national language characters.
LO57889 Android Lotus Traveler client fails to download completely.
LO57969 Server "Failed to create log file" error message on Domino console.
LO57972 Android Sync in pending state and never seem to complete.
LO57973 Server Multiple security violation messages logged in log.nsf.
LO58020 Android Calendar application crashes in one day view on device.
LO58026 Nokia Caller ID not transmitted if call made from Lookup application.
LO58077 Server Birthdays in 1941, sync down one day early.
LO58123 Android "Communication error with server" displayed on device.
LO58127 Android App closes when trying to export attachment immediately after download
LO58134 Android Some Android devices have the same device ID.
LO58147 Android Unable to sync after new self signed SSL cert installed on server.
LO58177 Server Add option to force Base64 encoding of mail data.
LO58182 Server Contact birthday incorrect when syncing from Apple device to server.
LO58238 Server Calendar entry shows as attachment when sent from Apple iPad.
LO58245 Server Some Apple device users are reported as "No Policy" in LotusTraveler.nsf.
LO58581 Server Contact birthday off by one day when sync from Apple to server.
LO58664 Server Lotus Traveler server crash processing attachments.
LO58670 Server Send mail failure from Apple device to recipient with special character in ID.
LO58676 Android '&' in folder name will create a blank folder.
LO58821 Android Implement the MAILTO: specifications.
LO58839 Server Contact birthday day/month reversed if German mail template.
LO58861 Android Lotus Traveler client download fails at 100%.
LO58995 Android Reply To from device looses part of the subject.

Auch im Wiki zu finden: Lotus_Notes_Traveler_APAR_listing

Zum Download: Fix Central
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