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IBM Verse for iOS 9.4.0 updated pre-configuration settings

 26 Juni 2017 15:30:05
Last week IBM released a new version 9.4.0 of the IBM Verse for iOS App.

IBM Verse for iOS v9.4.0 had been completely rewritten and was the first feature update since a few months.

Under the hood IBM changed the way to pre-configure the app by an EMM/MDM solution. The Verse app now supports the open AppConfig Community standard to push setting like a server URL or an user name to the app.

Verse for iOS supports custom managed configuration, which allows the MDM administrator to preconfigure many Verse for iOS settings. Any setting defined using the MDM takes precedence over a similar setting or policy defined at the Traveler server.
Setting custom app configuration will vary by the MDM soltution you are using. All MDM providers should support the concept of Apple managed configurations using custom keys and value pairs.

Now it is possible to define most of the user setting within the app and to lock some of these settings. I will post an additional bloentry in a few days, when IBM will have published the AppConfig documentation.

To pre-configure Verse you will need to set in minimum these four settings:
Key Data Type Value  (Example) Comment
appConfigOnly Boolean true       (1*) Will enable the AppConfig Settings within the app and will ignore Maas360 & MobileIron SDK
serverType String onpremises Where is your server located?
choice     (asking user)
serverURL String Provide the hostname or a fully qualified URL to your company's Traveler server. Only provide this value if using ‘onpremises’ as the server type.
user String IggyPop Login user id. You should be able to use placeholders depending on your MDM solution

Hint: The key names are case sensitive !!!

(1*)  Depending on your MDM solution you can use "true" / "false"  or "1" / "0" as Boolean Values

Using our own MDM solution midpoints mobile.profiler a simple pre-configuration of Verse for iOS looks like this:

Image:IBM Verse for iOS 9.4.0 updated pre-configuration settings

Thank you at this place to Bill Wimer (IBM) and the Traveler Dev team for the AppConfig integration.
Well done and I will post a few more new settings when the AppConfig documentation will be public.

Update 27.06.2017:
IBM released the AppConfig for Verse documentation yesterday evening. Check out:


1Ralph Bergmann  27.06.2017 09:52:19  IBM Verse for iOS 9.4.0 updated pre-configuration settings

Danke Detlev, gestern habe ich erst bei IBM wegen einer Doku zu den Parametern angefragt.

Aber die sind noch am suchen ...

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