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IBM Traveler fixing the issue introduced with

 21 März 2017 17:37:58
Today IBM released a new Traveler version called (Build: 201703170414_200).

Image:IBM Traveler fixing the issue introduced with

It’s a maintenance release that provides APAR fixes - no new features


APAR # Abstract
LO90889 Invitee status not correct on mobile device if the invitee response is received in a non-syncing folder.
LO91550 Multiple ghost entries possible if adding invite to event that has outstanding updates pending.
LO91723 User may stop recieving updates to mobile device after mail server restarted and there is no backup mail server.
LO91733 Subject of mail replied to/forwarded from Windows 8 device may display incorrectly.
LO91762 IBM Traveler server may change case of Domino domain to all lower case when sending mail.
LO91770 Subject of new mail sent from Windows 8 device may display incorrectly.
LO91819 User may not be able to sync data to mobile device when the user's mail file name contains special characters.
LO91870 Wipe data option may be greyed out for iOS Verse client.

Note: IBM Traveler does not include a database schema update.

You can download the update as usual on IBM FixCentral.

An IBM Traveler full installation package, which will be available on Passport Advantage on 24th March., can be used to upgrade any previous Traveler server or to install a new environment.

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