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    Donate Snippets o:n:e

     23 November 2009 20:56:49
    If you use & like Snippets o:n:e and want to support the team, you can make a donation.

    Because Snippets is at the moment a none profit project, you give us with your donation a little bit more freedom to spend more time to let the project grow.
    If you have any special feature requests, you are welcome.

    You can donate the Snippets o:n:e project team by PayPal.

    Fell free to choose an amount, you think Snippets is worth for you.
    (Please, be fair: If you have only a few users, donate a few Euros (15 Euros as a suggestion), if you have hundreds of users donate a little bit more.)

    For donating the team, we will send you an unlimited version of Snippets by mail within the next five workdays.

    Thank you very much.

    The Snippets Team

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