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Detlev Poettgen


Happy Birthday iPhone

 9 Januar 2017 09:47:26
It was on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2007 that Steve Jobs touted the iPhone as three game changing products in one: a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough internet communications device.

I can still remember the day, as if it was yesterday. Steve Jobs had a vision and 10 years later the vision had changed all of our lives.

For me the iPhone changed a lot. I had started together with Michael our own business focused on enterprise mobility.

"iPhone is an essential part of our customers' lives, and today more than ever it is redefining the way we communicate, entertain, work and live, iPhone set the standard for mobile computing in its first decade and we are just getting started. The best is yet to come."

Tim Cook, 8th Jan. 2017

To celebrate the iPhone:  
I switched off my iPhone 6S for today and will use my still running original iPhone. It will be fun :-)

Image:Happy Birthday iPhone  

Hotfix via PMR available for Traveler Standalone issue regarding INV_MAP table

 2 Dezember 2016 11:10:40
After upgrading our IBM Traveler Standalone server, you can get this error messages on the console :

02.12.2016 08:49:19   Traveler: Server starting...
02.12.2016 08:49:33   Traveler: WARNING *system Exception caught trying to create constraint PK_INVMAP on Table INV_MAP. Exception Thrown: com.lotus.sync.db.PersistenceException: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: 'DEVUID' cannot be a column of a primary key or unique key because it can contain null

After opening a PMR, we received a Hotfix today :

  FIX BUILD LEVEL:  201611291200_40



You need this Hotfix and after installing the fix you will have to run:

tell traveler sql ALTER TABLE inv_map ALTER COLUMN devuid NOT NULL

So if you are running Traveler in Standalone mode, you should wait with your Traveler update to until the Hotfix is public available or should open a PMR to get it.

Same issue and hotfix was reported here, too:,60514.0.html

New IBM Traveler command tablerepair should be used after upgrading to version

 18 November 2016 17:59:09
This week IBM released IBM Traveler

During the first start of the Traveler server task after upgrading to, Traveler will try to upgrade the database schema of the Traveler state database (Derby running Standalone or DB2/MS SQL running HA) to schema version 20160812.
The new schema will add new Primary key definitions to the GUIDMAP, PUSH, REPLICAS and TS_FILTERS tables.

Before upgrading the schema, the task will check if the existing records of the GUIDMAP, PUSH, REPLICAS and TS_FILTERS tables are consistent. If there are any inconsistent records, you will receive an error/warning message on the console.

You will have to fix these errors before the schema can be updated. To do that, you should use the new tablerepair command:

Tablerepair help Displays usage information for the tablerepair command.
Tablerepair show tablename Displays the number of users having records that might prevent a Primary Key from being added to the table.
Option for tablename: GUIDMAP, PUSH, REPLICAS, TS_FILTERS or * for all.
Tablerepair repair tablename number_of_users Repairs the table listed for the number of users specified by issuing a reset for the user. The Primary Key for the table will be added automatically once the table is repaired.
Options for tablename: GUIDMAP, PUSH, REPLICAS, TS_FILTERS or * for all.
Options for number_of_users: Integer > 1 or * to indicate all.

It is similar to the DBAccountsCheck Command, which was added with Details can be found here.

After upgrading to you should first check the console messages or your server log regarding this messages:

18.11.2016 13:05:59   Traveler: Upgrading IBM Traveler Database schema from version 20160301 to version 20160812
18.11.2016 13:06:05   Traveler: GUIDMAP has no records violating the constraint.
18.11.2016 13:06:05   Traveler: Primary key PK_GUIDMAP successfully created.
18.11.2016 13:06:05   Traveler: GUIDMAP table is repaired.
18.11.2016 13:06:05   Traveler: TS_FILTERS has no violating records.
18.11.2016 13:06:05   Traveler: Primary key PK_TSFILTERS successfully created.
18.11.2016 13:06:05   Traveler: TS_FILTERS table is repaired.
18.11.2016 13:06:05   Traveler: PUSH has no violating records.
18.11.2016 13:06:05   Traveler: Primary key PK_PUSH successfully created.
18.11.2016 13:06:05   Traveler: PUSH table is repaired.
18.11.2016 13:06:05   Traveler: REPLICAS has no violating records.
18.11.2016 13:06:05   Traveler: Primary key PK_REPLICAS successfully created.
18.11.2016 13:06:05   Traveler: REPLICAS table is repaired.

In my case everything was okay and no further action was needed.

I would recommend issuing following command to check if all is fine:

tell traveler tablerepair show *

[0860:0026-0D80] 18.11.2016 18:23:19   Traveler: GUIDMAP table is repaired.
[0860:0026-0D80] 18.11.2016 18:23:19   Traveler: TS_FILTERS table is repaired.
[0860:0026-0D80] 18.11.2016 18:23:19   Traveler: PUSH table is repaired.
[0860:0026-0D80] 18.11.2016 18:23:19   Traveler: REPLICAS table is repaired.

If any table can't get repaired, you will have to run the tabelrepair command with the repair option.

Example to fix the entries in the GUIDMAP table:

tell traveler tablerepair repair GUIDMAP 50

Will issue a tell traveler reset * username command for the first 50  effected users.


Because the repair option will enforce an reset * command, have in mind, that the specific users will get an initial sync for their devices. So running the command in small batches will make sense.

IBM Traveler available

 15 November 2016 20:40:22
Today IBM released a new Traveler version called (Build: 201611100013_20).

Image:IBM Traveler available brings this new feature:

Device Wipe options do not display in the Web Administration application for iOS 10.x devices

Apple has removed support for device wipes of iOS 10.x devices when using the built in applications for Mail, Calendar and Contacts. The Traveler data wipe option still works as before.

IBM Traveler verifies that IBM Traveler servers are in the trusted server list for all users' mail servers.

If the IBM Traveler server is not in the trusted servers list, the status code will be Yellow for the Traveler server until all of the mail servers have been updated. This check is being deployed in preparation for improved IBM Traveler security and feature enhancements in future releases.

Corrective action:
You need to add the {TravelerServerName} to the "Trusted Servers" list on the Security tab in the {MailServerName} server document.

Database constraints for improving data integrity for end users

In effort to provide improved end user experience some additional data constraints have been added to the relational database used by the IBM Traveler servers. These constraints are intended to prevent the intermittent issues sometimes seen with end users missing a particular entry or folder on their mobile device that is often resolved by performing a device reset. There is no functional change, but a schema change is required.

New 'tablerepair' tell command

In support of the improved data integrity update, a tell command has been added to facilitate repairing any users that may already have data that violates the new constraints. This is not expected to be common. During startup of the Traveler server, if you encounter errors related to inability to add database constraints then review the tell command reference for the tablerepair command for information on how to perform the table repair. Note that this is optional, there is no functional impact over previous releases if the new constraints are not added to the database.

APAR # Abstract
LO90097 Invitation disappears from native iOS Calendar Inbox before action can be taken.
LO90143 Apple native mail application may be missing some e-mails when concurrently syncing different folders.
LO90162 Possible memory growth when prime syncing Calendar events.
LO90183 IBM Verse client may stop syncing after size mismatch error trying to retrieve truncated mail.
LO90194 Device may require re-approval due to out of date cache after running some tell commands.
LO90224 Meeting may continue to be ghosted on mobile device after the meeting was delegated to another user.
LO90234 Canceled event may still appear ghosted on mobile device.
LO90303 Unable to change a tentative response to accepted response from a mobile device.
LO90368 Add ability to perform case insensitive name look p duplicate resolution to reduce duplicate results sent to mobile device.
LO90390 Severe errors seen in Domino console for file size mismatch when stream attachments.
LO90401 Reduce overhead when syncing contacts for improved server performance.
LO90406 Response text in remote tell command may get corrupted if includes DBCS or special characters.
LO90442 SQL connection warning could prevent automatic schema update from completing.
LO90443 Remove option to perform device wipe for iOS 10.x devices as it is no longer supported by the device.
LO90482 High thread counts due to Heartbeat processing could cause resource constraint.
LO90497 Changing NTS_AUTO_SCHEMA parameter when using DB2 may inadvertently change the schema name.
LO90578 Subfolder of a private folder may not sync to mobile device correctly.
LO90589 New apple feature, Propose new time, should not be displayed when using IBM Traveler.
LO90597 Resource information could be lost when the chair modifies an event from a mobile device.
LO90605 Device may stop syncing when an Domino reports an e-mail is in a folder with an empty string for the folder name.
LO90624 Return receipt generated by IBM Traveler may get corrupted when sent via SMTP to the originator.
LO90704 GCM library does not support NTLM proxy authentication when it should.
LO90764 E-mail sent from mobile device incorrectly saved in sent folder when a mail rule prevents sending the mail.
LO90765 Allow ability to ban all instances of a calendar event, including updates, from syncing to a mobile device if the event causes a server crash.

Note: IBM Traveler include a database schema update.

You can download the update as usual on IBM FixCentral.

An IBM Traveler full installation package, which will be available by November 22, 2016 on Passport Advantage, can be used to upgrade any previous Traveler server or to install a new environment.

New pubnames.ntf for Domino 9.0.1 extends Holidays and policy settings

 29 Oktober 2016 09:49:10
Now Available: New pubnames.ntf for Domino 9.0.1 (extends Holiday documents + adds policy updates for IMSMO & Traveler)

Image:New pubnames.ntf for Domino 9.0.1 extends Holidays and policy settings

A new Domino Directory template (pubnames.ntf) for Domino 9.0.1 is now available.

This new template extends Holiday documents through years 2026 or 2027 and adds policy updates for Traveler and IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO).

For details on the updates and download information, please see the technote linked below.  


via IBM developerworks

Hint: The default holidays documents IBM is distributing with the 9.0.1 pubnames.ntf (Domino Directory) will end this year 2016. If you want to have default holiday entries next year. Take a look at the new pubnames.ntf.

A new pubnames.ntf for Domino 9.0.1 is now available that includes the following updates:
  • Holiday documents that have been extended another 10 years through 2026 or 2027 depending on the holiday.
  • Policy update for Traveler servers that allows admins to remove the device password requirement for Traveler devices. Hybrid customers will be able to override the default that says you must have a device password.
  • Policy update for IMSMO cloud and on-premises servers that allows more granular control of auto-processing notices. Now you can choose whether to skip processing of meeting notices that have pending reschedules. In the cloud, this new setting is enforced/enabled regardless of the policy setting selected on-premises.

Is this new template available in non-English versions?

No. Full localization is being worked for Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8

Should admins delete the prior holidays before importing these new ones?

No. The updated holidays include the original start dates but extend into either year 2026 or year 2027 depending on the holiday. The holidays will not be duplicated but instead extended; therefore, users will see the past and future holiday dates.

Webcast am 08.11. zum Status Verse On-Premises und der aktuellen IBM Roadmap

 28 Oktober 2016 15:37:43
Ich möchte an dieser auf einen aktuellen Webcast aufmerksam machen, der von der DNUG angeboten wird.

Image:Webcast am 08.11. zum Status Verse On-Premises und der aktuellen IBM Roadmap

Uffe Sorensen (IBM) stellt die aktuellen Planungen und die Roadmap der IBM vor und steht im Rahmen der Websession für Fragen zur Verfügung.

Dienstag, 8. November 2016 @ 16:00 - 17:00

Anmeldung und Einwahldaten: Anmeldung DNUG Webcast

Einfach mal Danke sagen - IBM Champion 2017 Nominations are open

 16 Oktober 2016 11:07:12
Ich habe inzwischen bereits dreimal Danke gesagt und habe drei von mir sehr geschätzte Mitglieder der IBM ICS Community zum IBM Champion nominiert.

Diese Auszeichnung ist ein wichtiges und schönes Danke-Schön der IBM, um verdiente Mitglieder der Community auszuzeichnen. Wir alle profitieren von Blog Posts, Tweets oder Vorträgen. Hierbei muss man bedenken, dass ein Teil der Blogger und auch mancher Referent auf den diversen Veranstaltungen dies freiwillig (meistens in der Freizeit) tut und ihr Wissen so gerne mit Anderen teilt.

Image:Einfach mal Danke sagen - IBM Champion 2017 Nominations are open

Letztes Jahr sind aus Deutschland 12 Personen als wohlverdiente IBM Champions for Social Business geehrt worden:

Daniel Nashed
Christoph Adler
Ulrich Krause
Christop Stöttner
René Winkelmeyer
Anett Hammerschmidt
Detlev Pöttgen
Felix Binsack
Eric Wüstner
Oliver Busse
Stefan Sucker
Rudi Knegt

Nehmen Sie sich einfach zwei Minuten Zeit und füllen selbst das Nomination-Formular aus, um sich hierdurch einfach bei einem Mitglied der Community für den Tip oder Blogpost, der im Alltag geholfen hat, zu bedanken. Jeder durch Sie Nominierte wird sich darüber riesig freuen.

Also hier geht es zum Nominierungsformular:  IBM Champion Nomination

Details zum IBM Champions Programm können hier gefunden werden: IBM Champion Learn more

Eine Nominierung ist bis zum 14. November 2016 möglich.

An dieser Stelle nochmals:  Vielen, vielen Dank für diejenigen, die mich letztes Jahr nominiert haben!

Apple macOS Sierra and IBM Notes 9.0.1 client

 1 Oktober 2016 11:35:16
Does IBM Notes support Apple's macOS Sierra (aka OS X 10.12)?

IBM Notes 9.0.1 64-bit running 9.0.1 Interim Fix 5 or above supports macOS Sierra and OS X 10.11.

Yesteday IBM released an Interims Fix 9.0.1 IF5, which will brings Sierra support for IBM Notes 9.0.1 64Bit.

Note: If you need to install Notes on a new Mac, you will have to install first Notes 9.0.1 64Bit and then IF5.

via IBM Technote:

The installation of IF5 was smooth and the Notes 9.0.1 IF5 client is fine on my macBook.


Apple iOS 10 no longer performs full device wipe via Traveler - ActiveSync

 29 September 2016 09:03:48
Today IBM published a Technote, regarding an important change for Apple iOS devices runing iOS 10.

Image:Apple iOS 10 no longer performs full device wipe via Traveler - ActiveSync

Change in Apple iOS 10.x (and later) devices prevents full device wipe via Traveler Web & SmartCloud Notes Administration interfaces

Starting with iOS 10.x, Apple devices no longer support full device wipe through the Exchange ActiveSync Protocol, which prevents the IBM Traveler Web Administration and IBM SmartCloud Notes Administration interfaces from performing a full device wipe. The Wipe Traveler Application and Data feature continues to work as before.

What's changed

Starting with iOS 10.x, Apple devices no longer support using the Remote Wipe feature of the Exchange ActiveSync protocol to perform a full device wipe (sometimes called a device hard reset).

Impacted Features

            Wipe Device action for Apple devices at iOS 10.x (or later) from the IBM SmartCloud Notes Administration interface.
            Wipe Device action with Hard Reset option for Apple devices at iOS 10.x (or later) from the IBM Traveler Web Administration interface.

Note: Although the Apple iOS 10.x device does acknowledge the wipe request, the device does not reset and the IBM Traveler data remains on the device.

Recommended Actions

            Use the Wipe Traveler Data action from the IBM SmartCloud Notes Administration interface to remove all IBM Traveler data from Apple devices at iOS 10.x or later.
            Use the Traveler Application and Data option when performing a wipe action from the IBM Traveler Web Administration interface to remove all IBM Traveler data from Apple devices at iOS 10.x or later.
            Use an MDM provider, such as (...deleted ...your choice...), to manage mobile device security as MDM providers can still perform a full device wipe for Apple devices at iOS 10.x or later.

via IBM Technote:

So if you don't use a Mobile Device Management solution already, it is time know to think about. If a device will gets lost you should be able the issue a full device wipe.

Take a look at our own MDM solution midpoints mobile.profiler, which is easy to install, 100% Domino based and can run on top of your existing IBM Traveler server.  

Issue with Traveler regarding invitations

 23 September 2016 13:27:17

One of my customer ran into this issue with 
When you tentative accept a meeting on your mobile device and accept it completely afterwards that change is not updated on the senders invitation. 
The tentative accept remains as the status. 

We have two PMRs and there is a APAR -> LO9030. 

If you did not update your Traveler Servers yet I would stay on which is the first iOS 10 supported release and wait for the fix. 

via Daniel Nashed: